Fulfierros starts off in the beginning of 2003 and ever since, it has been lead by certain guidelines that have shaped its path as a production company : innovation within the audiovisual language, responsible narration, the commitment and its belief in the creation of quality messages.

Today it stands as one of the most important independent production companies of the country and the Central American region.

Extraordinary locations, excellent casting services, state of the art technical resources and great director services available, allow for top notch production services at a very competitive cost.

Here are some of the locations found within the country:

– Beaches (Pacific and Caribbean coasts)



-Urban locations

-Tropical rainforest


Brian Bonilla, Fulfierros’ Executive Producer, brings to the table more than 15 years worth of knowledge gained from working in the business. He has worked for many international clients and provided production services for England, France, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, United States and South America.